That Would Be Enough - Hamilton

This guide includes the strum patterns I use to play Alexander Hamilton from Hamilton. See here for chords/lyrics. See Youtube for my ukulele play-along video.

The finger-string assignment is:

  1. G - thumb
  2. C - index
  3. E - middle
  4. A - ring

For the first section with Eliza and Hamilton, most of the section is single strums. The section where Eliza sings "I'd knew you be alive right now." with the chords Bm, D, G, A uses the picking pattern: (1234)-1-(234)-1-(234)-1-(234)-1

For most of Eliza's section, the picking pattern I use is (1234)-2-(34)-2-(34)-2-(34)-2. When Eliza sings "When you decide to stay", on the word "stay" and the chord Bm, I switch to a strum pattern:

  D  U U UD  U U U